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Public Mutual Unit Trust Funds Special!

Public Mutual Unit Trust Funds Special!

Of course, needless to say, even every good fixed deposits, as well as any business have their own risks. So, thus our investment tools. This Public U.S. Equity Fund or PUSEQF focus on capital growth over the medium to long-term period through a balanced asset allocation approach.
Equities = 75% to 98% of the Fund’s NAV
Foreign assets = Up to 98% of the Fund’s NAV

 The attractiveness of PUSEQF is that it takes advantage of the recent retracement in the domestic market, accumulate stocks which are currently trading at below valuations, especially on sectors with positive long term growth prospects.
• Equity and equity-related securities, which include: ➢ Index stocks, blue chip stocks and growth stocks. ➢ Stocks of IPO of companies seeking a listing in Eligible Markets. ➢ Unlisted equities. ➢ Warrants. • Collective investment schemes. • Fixed income securities. • Liquid assets which include money market instruments and deposits.

Investment Approach 
Equities Bottom-up = approach in stock selection process which relies on fundamental research where the financial health, industry prospects, management quality and past track records of companies are assessed.
Fixed income securities and money market instruments = The asset allocation between fixed income securities and money market instruments will depend on economic growth, interest rate trends and market liquidity conditions.

The time period for this investment is within 3 – 10 years; where you can ripe your utmost investment profit. It means that a RM100,000.00 initial investment of yours today will have a considerable return of RM110,000.00 (1 year) or RM170,000.00 (10 years)! For best considerable income from savings, I would like to suggest that you can invest between RM50,000 to RM500,000 in lump sumCash InvestmentWith this letter, I have attached the prospectus in PDF format for your reference and guidance.

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